Is A Water Saving Shower Head Really A Good Idea?

Oh dear: did you know that the average residential water bill is expected to double (yes, double) over the next couple of decades? It may not be one of your biggest bills right now, but new model shows that lagging infrastructure spending, population growth and climate change are sending water prices one way – to the stars! Do we all need to get used to shorter showers, then, or is there another way? Some believe a water saving shower head should do the trick to keep us under that soothing hot water for longer without driving the bills through the roof, but do they really work?

It’s all about that shower flow rate

That’s a lot of questions, but luckily – our Adelaide plumbers have the answers! First, though, let’s take a dive into the numbers by getting our heads around a non-water-efficient shower head, which can use an eye-popping 15-25 litres every single minute. That means that even with a short 5-minute shower, which is three minutes below the national average shower time, you’ll be using 100 litres at least. Add a typical 4-person family to the mix, and even with short showers you’re going to be using hundreds and hundreds of litres of water each and every day.

Are water saving shower heads really the answer? Otherwise known as an eco shower head or even an aerated shower head, these water-saving wonders are designed specifically to severely restrict the shower flow rate to 7 litres per minute – and many new products are even better than that and will still get you very, very wet!

Aerated shower head, or non-aerated?

Some water saving shower heads are the aerated variety, meaning the shower head cleverly bubbles-in air to mix with the water – giving the impression of a solid and strong stream of water with no reduced water pressure. You can also get your hands on a non-aerated shower head, which simply has smaller holes for the water to flow through – keeping the pressure high but dramatically improving your shower’s efficiency.

Is it time to upgrade to a fully water-efficient shower head? The answer is a resounding YES! You might assume that sacrificing that full-blast shower flow rate means that you’ll have to still jump out of the shower at the same time, but most don’t realise that a low-flow shower head with greater than a 50% boost in efficiency actually means you can spend longer in there! It’s guilt-free longer showers that save you both money and water – what’s not to love?

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Does an eco shower head ruin your shower?

Have you heard from the naysayers who argue through their teeth that a water efficient shower head totally ruins the enjoyable experience of showering? The biggest complaint seems to be about older water saving shower heads that reduce the flow to a trickle, but that’s all changed. In fact, some manufacturers have innovated incredible technologies that compensate for any flow restriction with a powerful vacuum force. In that case, your much cheaper shower may actually feel better than ever!

Have we convinced you that an eco shower head might be worth a closer look? Combine your new water-saving shower heads with these other smart water-saving ideas:

  • Cistern-displacement device for the toilet
  • Plumbing inspection for hidden leaks
  • Stop using the toilet flush as rubbish disposal
  • Don’t run the tap while cleaning your teeth
  • Plant drought-resistant plants.
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