The 4 Drain Cleaning Tools You Need To Know About

blocked drain clearing tools

Are you one of those people who rely on the trusty and cheap ol’ plunger every time the drain gets a bit clogged up? You’re definitely not alone, because if you get a good seal and don’t mind breaking a little sweat, it is one of the simplest and best drain cleaning tools on earth. But what if you need to step it up a notch with a particularly gunged-up pipe or drain? What are the next-level drainage tools that professional plumbers rely on each and every day? And which of those pro tools for unclogging pipes can us home and business owners use for ourselves?

That’s a lot of questions, but luckily we’ve got all the answers about the best pro tools to unclog drain pipes without even breaking too much of a sweat. So let’s get straight into it:

What’s the best pro drain unclogging tool out there?

1. Plunger

Huh? Didn’t we just cover the trusty ol’ plunger?

Yes, we did – but there are plenty of specialty plungers you may not be aware of. The one you’re familiar with is the standard sink or cup plunger, but have you heard of a flange plunger? Commonly used for toilets, it’s got an extra flap that is great for curved surfaces or an extra-strong seal.

There’s also an accordion plunger, which is harder than a normal plunger – not to mention more difficult to use – but the potential force is very strong.

2. Tools in your shed

We know we pitched this as ‘professional’ pipe unclogging tools, but at #2 we need to talk about the tools you probably already have in the shed.

For instance, unblocking that drain may need you to remove the sink’s drain traps, and for that, you’ll need wrenches, pliers, and perhaps tools capable of cutting tubing or other pipes.

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3. Natural and chemical cleaners

However, you may wish to put the hacksaw away and keep it simple – and for that, there are a range of natural and chemical solutions that can chew through even quite stubborn blockages.

The most natural is water that’s just a few degrees below boiling, which you can also combine with baking soda and white vinegar for a powerfully fizzy brew. This can be just as effective as a commercial chemical drain unclogging tool, but be careful – those harsh chemicals can actually damage your pipes.

4. The professional drainage tools

What you’ll find in the back of a well-equipped plumber’s van, though, really is a treasure-trove of the most sophisticated, effective and – yes – expensive drain cleaning tools.

The first thing your trusty local plumber may pull out of the van is a high-tech CCTV drain pipe inspection camera. It’s designed to snake its way into the deepest nooks of your plumbing system to locate and diagnose with great precision just what’s gone wrong with that pipe or drain.

Then, your blocked drain cleaning expert may pull out a powerful motorised auger, which is like the cheap drain snake you may buy from the hardware store – but on steroids! More and more, though, the professional drain unclogging tool of choice is an ultra high pressure drain jetter. It packs almost unprecedented power in the form of its hot stream of lightning-fast water that won’t just blast away even the most stubborn blockage – it will leave those pipe internals so shiny and clean that gunk won’t stick to it for a long time to come.

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So what’s the verdict? Fancy rolling up your sleeves and getting damp & dirty, or just want to skip to the finish line by asking a friendly Adelaide plumber to let rip with some of the best and most powerful pro drainage tools on the planet?

At Fawcett Group, our team has the drain smarts, years of on-the-job experience, and of course all of the most powerful and sophisticated tools for unclogging pipes under the sun. Just need your stubborn drain blockage cleared in a hurry for a great price? Give Fawcett Plumbing a shout today.