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Unblocking Your Gutters

Common Signs Of Blocked Gutters

We do not advise trying to inspect your gutters yourself from a height, however, there are a number of common signs which can be observed safely from ground level, to know if your gutters are blocked or require maintenance or cleaning.

Bodies of water and damp areas are notorious for attracting insects and if you’re not careful this can quickly escalate into an infestation. Where gutters go uncleaned or are suffering from clogs and a build-up of natural waste, you may notice an increased number of flies, gnats or midges.


  • If you see or hear an increase in bird activity around your gutters, this could be a sign that your gutters could be blocked with nesting materials. If there are no birds present you may notice overflowing water, sagging pipes or external wall colouration, which could be a sign that a nest has become stuck inside the pipe.
  • Where water is regularly overflowing from your gutters, in a similar fashion to a waterfall, this could be a tell-tale sign that your gutters are blocked. An obstruction can force water up and over the brim of the gutter and result in damage to the area below and the adjoining walls.
  • When looking up at your gutters from below, you may notice a small garden protruding from the edges. Excessive plant growth in your gutters is one of the obvious signs of a blocked drainpipe or gutter.

Your gutters don’t have to be blocked. Regular cleaning is obviously the solution to this potential problem. Give us a call on 1300 329 238.

Unblocking Your Gutters

Hearing the rain outside can be one of the most relaxing sounds, as long as you’re not out there with it. Rain isn’t so peaceful when your gutters are blocked and causing leakage or overflow.

Living in Adelaide, the most common cause of a blocked gutter is tree leaves or debris. The debris, mixed with dirt and silt, can build up and cause a blockage making the water flow off of your roof in places that it shouldn’t or even worse, it could leak into your ceiling cavity and cause damage to your ceiling and walls. This can cause mould, rust and rot in your timber work. If trying to clear these blockages with a hose gets you nowhere, it’s probably time to call an Adelaide plumber such as The Fawcett Group to prevent further damage.

Cleaning your gutters yourself can be straightforward if you have the right tools and the know how. You’ll need to make sure your ladder is safe and sturdy before climbing onto your roof. The best tool for cleaning your gutters is a gutter scoop, it will save you a lot of time and it will save your hands. Once your gutters have been cleared of all debris, give them a wash down with a hose. If you have a garden in need of good mulch, all the debris that you cleared from your gutters work brilliantly!

If you notice any leaks in your gutter when hosing it down, you may need to get them fixed. We recommend cleaning your gutters about 3 times a year.

Gutter cleaning can be quite dangerous, especially if your home or property is 2 or 3 storeys or if it is wet. If you don’t feel 100% safe in cleaning them yourself, give an Adelaide plumber such as The Fawcett Group a call. We have all the tools and safety equipment required.

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